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askoll ES1

Give it a power outlet. eS1 will conquer the road.

The lithium ion battery on the S1 recharges easily from any power outlet and at about 15 cents (based on the average nighttime electricity rate of 0,15 €/kWh). All you have to do is recharge it directly on the scooter or remove it from its housing under the saddle (it weighs 7,6 kg, less than a case of water) and connect it to it charger. It takes 3 hours to go from 0% to 100% charge, but you don’t have to wait for it to discharge completely to connect it to an outlet, nor does it have to be totally charged to unplug it: to make life easier, you can even charge it every day without reducing its performance.
Details aren’t just details.
Stability is never enough (your tyres tell you so).
Large, dual-compound tyres. They are soft on the sides and more rigid in the centre for greater stability on the curves.

The motor loves being extraordinary.
High energy-efficient, brushless motor, engineered and manufactured in Italy.

Engine Type

Askoll brushless permanent magnet electric motor

Displacement CC


Max Power Output

1500 W

Max Torque

100 Nm to the wheel

Transmission Type

Pulley w/toothed timing belt


1.245 mm

Seat Height

760 mm

Loaded Weight

235 kg (vehicle + driver + additional load) *

Tyre Size Front

80 / 80 - 16

Tyre Size Rear

90 / 80 - 16

Brakes Type Front

Hydraulic - disc ? 190 mm

Brakes Type Rear

Drum ? 140 mm