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askoll EVOlution ES2

£3,199.20 OTR including Gov. Grant

Special Offers / Finance Option:

£100 Deposit - £61.24 for 60 months 6.9% APR


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West End: 0207 637 0046

Shepherds Bush: 0203 319 2800

Technology guides you into your most beautiful future
Digital display with connectivity module, Bluetooth communication with dedicated App, LED lighting. EVOlution stems from the idea that technology can still amaze you. 

A great design lies in small details.
Elegant and modern Grey Evo colour, smoked cowl as standard, colour details to surprise your journey.

Comfort is an absolute choice.
A two-seater saddle to share the pleasure of travelling, a high-performance braking system, a front compartment for everything to be within reach, a lightweight structure to make the scooter incredibly easy to handle.
The large top case with backrest* improves passenger comfort: travelling for two is even more enjoyable..

*The backrest is an integral part of the XL top case

Double disc brake, double safety.
With the double disc brake, the braking power is extraordinary. 

Designed and made in Italy to take you everywhere.
Battery, electronic control unit, engine, automation to produce and test vehicles: everything is done in-house.

EVOlution in charging.
Double lithium-ion battery, maximum freedom. Lithium-ion batteries can be easily charged from any power socket and with a minimum expense. Just recharge it directly on the scooter, or take it out of the compartment under the saddle (it weighs less than a crate of water) and connect it to the battery charger. Charging from 0% to 100% takes approximately 3,5 hours.

It is not necessary to wait for the battery to be completely run down before attaching it to the power supply, nor for it to be completely charged before detaching it: for convenience, you can charge it even every day, without any reduction in performance.


Engine Type

Askoll brushless permanent magnet electric motor

Displacement CC


Max Power Output

45 km/h

Max Torque

130 Nm (to the wheel)

Transmission Type

Pulley w/ toothed timing belt


1245 mm

Seat Height

760 mm

Kerb Weight

67 kg

Tyre Size Front

80 / 80 - 16?

Tyre Size Rear

90 / 80 - 16?

Brakes Type Front

Hydraulic disk 190 mm

Brakes Type Rear

Hydraulic disk 190 mm