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husqvarna 2021 FC 450 Rockstar Edition

The FC 450 ROCKSTAR EDITION is a motorcycle built to perform at the highest level. Embracing the highly successful collaboration between Rockstar Energy and Husqvarna Motorcycles, this exciting model will form the basis for the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing machine competing in the 2021 AMA Supercross Championship.

Powerful Engine

The SOHC cylinder head is incredibly compact and lightweight using a short profile with the camshaft located as close to the center of gravity as possible, significantly improving handling and agility. The lightweight valves are actauted via a rocker arm and feature timing specifically designed to deliver precise levels of torque and throttle response. 

Piston And Conrod

Replicating the advanced technology used by the Husqvarna motorsport department, the CP forged box in box piston features a hard anodized compression ring groove with an optimized cam and barrel profile while the new Pankl conrod features a bushing on the piston end reducing friction on the connecting pin resulting in the highest level of performance and reliability.

FMF Exhaust System

The Factory 4.1 RCT Muffler incorporates the latest in FMF Resonance Chamber Technology both internally and externally and features a blue anodised titanium muffler body with a carbon end cap. In addition, it offers a shorter overall length that is less susceptible to damage and moves the muffler closer to the engine to centralize mass. The Factory 4.1 RCT is constructed from aerospace grade materials that meet exacting specifications and is manufactured 100% at FMF's Southern California factory.

Carbon Subframe

The composite subframe is a design unique to Husqvarna showcasing advanced technologies and innovation. Using 70% polyamide and 30% carbon fibre, the 2 piece subframe weighs in at just over 1 kg. As carbon fibre is renowned for its light weight and high strength, the subframe is remarkably robust with specific rigidity engineered into the subframe to deliver optimal handling and rider ergonomics. 

Intercharngable Airbox Cover

Designed with precisely positioned inlet ducts aimed at reducing drag and air flow deformation, the airbox ensures unrestricted airflow with maximum filter protection. The TWIN AIR filter is easily accessed without tools, by simply removing the left side panel for easy maintenance. Offering further performance customisation, the FC 450 ROCKSTAR EDITION is delivered with an additional airbox cover that can be changed without the use of any tools for a sharper throttle response according to rider preference or track conditions. 

Brembo Brakes

The highest level of braking performance is delivered with class-leading Brembo callipers and controls. The 260 mm floating front and 220 mm solid rear discs offer superior stopping power instilling confidence in any condition. A standard front disc protector is fitted protecting the brake disc from possible damage.

Factory CNC Machined Triple Clamps

Made from high-grade aluminium, the Factory CNC machined triple clamps feature optimally tuned steering stem stiffness, perfect alignment of the fork tubes and precise geometry of the fork clamping with no ovalization of the outer fork tube, ensuring highly responsive and smooth fork action. Maximum gains in handling are provided by simple offset adjustment of 20 or 22 mm.

Brembo Hydraulic Clutch

The new Brembo S.p.A. hydraulic clutch system guarantees even wear and improved reliability for almost maintenance-free operation and perfect modulation in every condition. This means that play is constantly compensated so that the pressure point and function of the clutch remain identical in cold or hot conditions, as well as over time. 

DDS Clutch

The FC 450 ROCKSTAR EDITION features a Dampened Diaphragm Steel (DDS) clutch, which includes a single-diaphragm steel pressure plate instead of traditional coil springs. It integrates a damping system for better traction and durability. The clutch basket is a single-piece CNC-machined steel component that allows the use of thin steel liners and contributes to the compact design of the engine. The billet REKLUSE clutch cover is used by the Husqvarna Factory Racing team and delivers that unmistakable factory look while also being very lightweight and robust. 

Lightweight Steel Frame

The hydro-formed, laser-cut and robot-welded frame is expertly constructed to harness specifically calculated parameters of longitudinal and torsional flex and features an increase in rigidity resulting in improved rider feedback, energy absorption and stability. The frame is finished off in a premium black powder coating with a carbon fibre reinforced engine protector and standard frame protectors guaranteeing superior protection and durability.

Functional Bodywork

The FC 450 ROCKSTAR EDITION features bodywork which clearly showcases Husqvarna Motorcycles pioneering design direction in offroad motorcycles. The ergonomics are specifically tailored to deliver greater comfort and control, enabling riders to perform at the highest level for extended periods of time. The seat line and high grip seat cover deliver superior comfort and control in all conditions. 

WP Xact Suspension

The WP XACT 48 mm split air fork features a capsuled air spring and pressurised oil chamber for progressive and consistent damping. Oil and air bypasses reduce pressure peaks and in combination with the midvalve damping system, the fork provides exceptional feedback and rider comfort. Damping is easily adjusted via the single air pressure valve for pre-load (on the left leg), using the supplied fork pump. Compression and rebound fine-tuning are handled with tool-free easy access clickers with 30 clicks (on the right leg). Standard on the FC 450 Rockstar Edition, the mechanical holeshot device compresses the front forks and minimalises front wheel lift off the start. Together with the fully adjustable WP XACT rear shock, Husqvarna offers superior suspension performance and feeling.

Pro Taper Handlebar

The ProTaper handlebar is second to none for function and style. Manufactured to exacting standards, the Pro Taper handlebar features class-leading fatigue resistance at a minimal weight. The handlebar bend further increases comfort by improving the pressure point on the rider's hands.

Factory Wheel Set

Anodised D.I.D. DirtStar rims are matched to anodized, full-milled hubs to offer maximum weight savings and optimized handling and stability in challenging terrain. The 36 spoke design includes anodized, aluminum spoke nipples for further weight savings while maintaining the highest durability. The wheels are fitted with DUNLOP MX33 Motocross tyres with proven "block-within-a-block" design for more progressive cornering and superior grip.

Connectivity Unit

The Connectivity Unit is required to provide connectivity features such as motorcycle status information which allows the rider to monitor the condition of his battery and engine operating hours. Additionally, all engine mapping adjustments and suspension recommendations are enabled through the myHusqvarna app. The key highlights of the myHusqvarna app are two main engine modes - Prime and Advanced. These options let riders of all abilities accurately set-up their engine's performance according to their specific requirements and track conditions. Depending on the mode, riders can further modify Engine Brake, Throttle Response, Traction and Launch Control, based on personal preferences. 

Map Switch

Optimised for easy operation, the map switch selects between two engine maps, operates launch control and activates a traction control feature. Traction control works by analyzing throttle input from the rider and the rate at which the RPM increases. If the RPM increases too quickly, the system will register a loss of grip and reduce the amount of power to the rear wheel ensuring maximum traction.

44 MM Throttle Body

The FC 450 ROCKSTAR features a 44mm Keihin throttle body. The injector is positioned to ensure the most efficient flow into the combustion chamber while to ensure optimal throttle response the throttle cable is mounted directly without a throttle linkage providing more immediate throttle response and feeling. 

Electric Start and Li-ion battery

Along with the benefit of an easy electric starting system, a lightweight Li-Ion 2.0 Ah battery is fitted to the FC 450. The Li-Ion battery weighs approx. 1 kg less than a conventional lead battery meaning the convenience of electric starting is delivered while keeping overall weight to a minimum. 

Engine Type

1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine

Displacement CC


Bore X Stroke

95 mm x 63.4 mm

Fuel Tank Capacity

7 l


Electric starter

Transmission Type


Seat Height

940 mm

Ground Clearance

370 mm

Kerb Weight

101 kg

Brakes Type Front

260 mm Disc brake

Brakes Type Rear

220 mm Disc brake