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New Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Range

Moto Guzzi synonymous with passion, flair and italian design, the motorbike range offers stylish motorcycles that provide just a little more than your average motorcycle notably their air-cooled 90° V-twin engines with a longitudinal crankshaft orientation where the engines' transverse cylinder heads project prominently on either side of the motorcycle.

Established in 1921 it has the accolade of being the oldest European manufacturer in continuous motorcycle production. With much early racing success was quickly established as a brand to beat.

The New Range of Moto Guzzi motorcycles has a wide appeal with models such as the V7 Stone, V85 TT and the V9 Bobber.

Fans of the brand known as ‘Guzzisti’ are passionate followers and cover the entire globe.
Here in London you can be part of that loyal following, visit our London dealership and see the range of motorcycles that makes riding a Guzzi so special and unique, or simply browse the motorcycles online and book a test ride or send an enquiry to our London Shepherds Bush branch.

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