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Insurance Cover from Central Bikes

Lexham Insurance

Insurance Cover

We are affiliated with a number of companies and we can help you choose an insurance cover policy that is best suited to your needs. Be it a scooter or a motorcycle, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for a chat.

Insurance repair estimates

We have 15 years experience in providing insurance repair estimates and can help guide you through the process should it be new to you. Call our team for a chat, or fill in a contact form here.


We can arrange recovery for you quickly, but be sure to first check you don’t have free recovery either with your bank account or insurance policy. We have our recovery van on hand to help you, should you ever need it. Simply call us 020 7637 0046 and we can arrange a pickup.

Lexham Insurance is backed by Piaggio Group so give the Operator Code LEX4790 when you apply for Insurance and you will receive a the Piaggio Deal price, ask for the Certificate of Insurance to be sent directly to us. Lexham is highly recommended by us and a pleasure to do business with.

Insurance Cover
Insurance Recovery