Bike Tests & Courses

Learn to ride a motorcycle or scooter in London

CBT – what is it?

The key thing to remember is that a CBT or Compulsory Basic Training is not a test - there are no formal exams, you are trained! CBT was introduced in December 1990 with the aim of improving road safety and reducing motorcycle accidents. The course is designed for the beginner and is a training course and not a test, so don't worry if you have never ridden a motorcycle/scooter before - this course is designed for YOU! 

How does it work?

All learner motorcycle and learner scooter riders must successfully complete a CBT course before riding on the road, the exception being if you have passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001, in which case, you are able to ride a 50cc scooter under the following terms:

  • no CBT required
  • restricted to 30 mph
  • no need to display L plates
  • you are allowed to carry a passenger

For anything bigger than this e.g a 125cc a CBT is required) Once you have successfully completed your CBT, you will be allowed to ride up to 125cc (if you are 17 and over.) The CBT certificate lasts for two years but you would need to complete your full motorcycle test to ride without L plates, on motorways or carry a passenger. You can either just keep renewing your CBT every two years (but will need to ride following the above criteria.) or take your full test. The CBT takes a day to complete and is available throughout the week and during the weekend.

Training for your full licence - which course?

This depends on your ability and previous levels of experience (if any). Below are some, but not all of the options available to you. Full licence courses can be done as standard - on a 125cc bike (which will give you a licence to ride bikes up to 33bhp) or DAS (Direct Access Students) - on a 500cc bike (ride what you like, unrestricted).

3 Day Course

The 3-day course will suit very experienced riders who already hold a CBT certificate and are riding a 125cc motorcycle/scooter regularly at the moment. For DAS students, you will be straight out on the 500cc machine on the first day. The off-road test will be held on the second day, after which the on-road test can then be booked.

4 Day Course

The 4-day DAS course assumes previous riding experience on a small geared bike and will change you over onto the large machine on the first day. This option suits riders with experience in other countries but who have not ridden regularly in Britain. The off-road Module One test will be held on the third day after which the on-road module two test can be booked.

5 Day Course

The 5-day course is designed for people who have just completed the CBT but done little more than this. If you are doing a Direct Access Course, you need to have completed the CBT on a geared bike. It gives you a day on the 125cc before changing over onto the 500cc machine on the second day. The first test, conducted off-road, is held on the fourth day of the course. Once this has been passed we can then book students in for the on-road test.

Advanced Training

The Advanced Courses are designed for riders who hold a full motorcycle licence that would like to expand and accelerate their riding skills and knowledge. Run on a one to one basis, this course is designed for riders who already hold a full motorcycle licence, and want to obtain all of the following riding characteristics.

  • Make your riding smooth & progressive
  • Brake effectively & have correct appropriate gear selection
  • Enhance your observation & concentration
  • Improve your handling skills
  • Improve your fuel economy
  • Increase your enjoyment & exhilaration