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A beginners guide to two wheels!

Thinking about converting onto two wheels? We don’t blame you! Here are some good reasons why…

Save Time
• No more waiting for a bus or train and say goodbye to traffic jams
• Over 30% faster than cars commuting*

Save Money
• No congestion Charge for scooters or bikes
• Free parking in and around London**
• As little as £17 a year road tax
• Travel up to 73 miles for just £5***
• Use over 100% less fuel than cars*

It’s Easy
• Ride away on your new scooter within 24 hours
• Excellent finance deals mean you don’t have to fork out a large lump sum payment in one go
• Consider us to be your personal ‘two wheel information centre’. No such thing as a stupid question!!

• Over 100% less polluting than cars*

*Figures from Transport for London Motorcycle Policy Unit, Evaluation of journey Time and Emissions of PTWs in Bus Lanes April 2010 22, average 600cc motorcycle compared to a standard 4 door family saloon

**excludes Westminster Borough

***Based on an average scooter (Piaggio fly 125 at 73mpg (miles per gallon) Source: hubpages.com MPG-Guide-The-Fuel-Economy-Of-250-Top-Selling-Scooters. Based on £1.15 a litre petrol.

Your step by step process of how to get on the road..

STEP 1 – Scooter training
Contact Central Bikes and we can talk you through what you need to do to be able to legally ride a scooter. We can recommend a training centre local to you, for your CBT and other bike tests or courses. Check out what we offer here.

STEP 2 – Buying a scooter
Making the right choice of scooter is really important and all depends on what you will be using your scooter for. For example, a 50cc would be suitable for short commutes but you might want to consider something bigger like a 125cc for longer distances.

Next to consider is whether to buy a new or used scooter and of course, there are advantages to both. We always have finance deals available so starting out doesn’t need to be as expensive as you may think. If you are on a budget, we always have a selection of quality used scooters. Visit our scooter sales section for more details or get in touch.

STEP 3 – Legal Documents
Ensure you have all the right legal documents in place for your scooter or bike. This includes:
• Road tax (included when you buy any scooter from Central Bikes)
• MOT (included when you buy any scooter from Central Bikes)
• Insurance cover (When purchasing a new bike, you will need to provide a Certificate of Insurance)

STEP 4 – Getting kitted out
It’s important to get the right clothing when you start out on two wheels. We will guide you through everything with an honest hand sorting through the ‘must haves’ such as helmets and gloves to the ‘added extras’ including security and accessories.

STEP 5 – Enjoy and share
Enjoy your two wheels experience and the freedom it offers. Join our Central Bikes community for special offers and discounts through Facebook, Twitter as well as our blog pages - and pass it on!

STEP 6 - Maintenance
Keep hold of one of our cards should you need any services or recovery. Don’t forget to renew your road tax and insurance annually and book in for your annual service and MOTs.