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Fri, 05 Nov 2021

Are scooters reliable?

It can be a concern that if you are going to spend your hard earned money on a scooter for commuting or pleasure that it will be a good investment and a reliable form of transport.  

The simple answer is YES, Scooters are reliable!

The key to reliability is always regular servicing and maintenance, but also choosing the right scooter for the job. A small engine scooter is not going to perform well on A roads at high speeds, equally so a large cc maxi scooter  could struggle when faced with regular busy start stop traffic. The choice will depend on its use and will help maximise your enjoyment and reliability experience.

If you are going to commute mainly in the centre of the capital, a smaller cc, nimble bike may be the best travel option.

However, if you are going to need to travel further out of London at potentially higher speeds and distance, a larger cubic capacity machine may be the best option to get you from home to work and back in comfort and with greater safety.

At Central Bikes our team have the experience to assist you in choosing from a wide range of brands, models and even greener options like electric scooters.

Please feel free to get in touch on the website, telephone, social media or come and see us in store where we’ll be delighted to discuss your requirements, your commute, other road users and all the transport systems to ensure your commute home or to work is improved, getting you out of public transport and in control of your journeys.

The scooter models available from Central Bikes are some of the most iconic, technologically advanced, economical and cost effective methods of transport you’ll find on the UK market and are ideally suited to all types of riding around the Greater London area.

Choose from our scooter brands below to view the range online.

Piaggio Scooters
Super Soco Electric Scooters
Sym Scooters
Vespa Scooters

If you are concerned about rider training and having the required license to ride, we can assist and advise here too. There are even options that can be ridden on a UK car license such as Piaggio MP3