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Tue, 01 Jun 2021

Benefits of a 125cc Motorcycle or Scooter in Central London.

London's congestion isn't just the worst, it's the worst by a country mile. The average driver in the London area loses 101 hours a year in traffic, 28 more hours than an average driver in the second worst city, Stuttgart. (Source: Bloomberg)

2020 has brought the pandemic and Coronavirus into the mix and increased the risks of taking public transport. It’s easy to see why a 125cc scooter or motorcycle is the perfect way to travel around Englands’s Capital. With things returning to a more normal situation in 2021 it understandable that not everyone is willing to get back in the congested tube and buses to make their daily commute.

At Central Bikes we have an extensive range of motorcycle and scooter options from multiple manufacturers at our dealerships in Fitzrovia and Shepherds Bush. We are stockists and motorcycle dealers for Piaggio, Mutt Motorcycles, Vespa, Super Soco and SYM. As well as bigger capacity machines from Royal Enfield and Moto Guzzi.

Each manufacturer offers something a little different. There is the Italian flair from Vespa and Piaggio, the youthfulness of Sym and Mutt Motorcycles and last but not least the brand new tech of Super Soco with their electric bike and scooter ranges.

Most new motorcycles meet all the requirements of ULEZ and the London congestion charges, enabling you to have low-cost and flexible transport to get around when and where you need to be. 125cc motorbikes really suit London commuters because they are lower cost, cheap to run, lightweight and powerful enough to tackle the busy streets of the capital. Of course, if you want to be ultra clean and totally reduce your carbon footprint and emissions the electric scooter and bike ranges from Super Soco will be the perfect solution for you.

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125cc bikes come in all shapes and sizes based on your requirements and to maximise rider comfort. A scooter is typically a more upright riding style and normally will come with smaller wheels, this increases manoeuvrability and enables tighter turns. 125cc bikes will often also have an upright riding style and bigger wheels making the motorcycle more comfortable over longer distances.

Vespa 125cc Scooters

The Italian Vespa Range is iconic, first manufactured in 1946 by Piaggio in Italy the brand has established itself as a true legend from the UK Mod scene in the 1960’s to numerous appearances in Hollywood films. Today, the Vespa has a passionate fan club and riders can often customise their bike by adding their own weight in custom mirrors and styling. Today range consists of 8 models namely the Sprint 125, GTS Supersport 125 I-GET, Sprint S 125, GTS Supertech 125 I-GET, Primavera 125 Touring, Primavera 125 I-GET ABS, GTS Super 125 I-GET, and GTS Touring. The Vespa is very much the stylish chic option from getting around. For more information on the Vespa range please contact our sales teams at one of our London stores.



Piaggio 125 Scooters

The Piaggio range consists of two very modern scooter options in the form of the Medley 125 and the Liberty 125 ABS. These scooters feel modern and are designed to be green, smooth, safe and economic transport for the city. They are also capable at higher speeds on dual carriageways should you jorney require, whilst maintaining a stable effortless ride and levels of comfort.
For more information on the Piaggio range please contact our sales teams at one of our London stores.



Mutt 125cc Motorcycles

Mutt Motorcycles bring the custom classic look to the road there are multiple 125cc bikes available and we think the pick of the bunch are the Mutt Mongrel 125, Mutt Fat Sabbath 125 and the Mutt Akita 125. Each model has a different look and feel, but all will reward you with cool classic motorcycle looks and infinite customisation options to truly make your motorcycle a personalised mode of transport. For more information on the Mutt Motorcycles range please contact our sales teams at one of our London stores.



SYM 125cc bikes and scooters

Sym is a Chinese brand of bikes, which are produced in the far east with bases in Taiwan, China and Vietnam. They produce vast volumes of value for money bikes and scooters. If you want the freedom from public transport, but on a budget the SYM range could be perfect for you. The Orbit 125 is ideal for the style conscious new generation of youth riders and the Fiddle 125 and Jet 14 125 make fantastic value A to B transport options. Sym also offers a 5 Year warranty on products over 110cc, now we bet you didn’t expect that! For more information on the SYM range please contact our sales teams at one of our London stores.


Super Soco Electric Scooters

Super Soco call the CPX a true 125cc killer, and while not everyone is ready to join the electric revolution, the Super Soco CPX really does have what it takes to beat the combustion engine. With removable batteries and the option to ride with 2 batteries doubling range. Add in the modern app connectivity and up to 80 mile range this scooter really does make sense doing everything a 125cc scooter can do, but better. For more information on the electric scooter range please contact our sales teams at one of our London stores.

If you are looking to change the way you commute get in touch with our team for a chat about your options and let us help you find the right bike or scooter to meet your travel needs. Email us here.

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