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Wed, 18 Nov 2020

Mutt Motorcycles in London - Mongrel 125

Mutt Motorcycles - Mongrel 125

The best beginner street bike?

Today's 125cc motorcycle marketplace is full of great quality, fun to ride, economical and stylish bikes, but the Mutt Mongrel 125 really does stand out from the crowd. With cool contemporary street style and attitude like many of it's Mutt brothers and sisters is a really great package, starting from just £2950 + OTR (£55 Registration + £20 Tax). It's not just a great motorcycle, it's also brilliant value for money.

Mutt Motorcycles - Mongrel 125

Mutt Motorcycles - Mongrel 125

Click here to see the Mutt Motorcycles Mongrel 125.

Take the stress out of the London commute and free yourself from the underground and public transport, the Mutt Mongrel could just be the perfect solution for you.

You know when you just want to get somewhere without people getting in your way? The Mongrel is just for that purpose - a nasty little machine bred to be a city tool with a contemporary new wave street tracker vibe. Whilst the Mongrel shares a lot of the classic lines and styling cues vintage machines The Mongrel has a dark side, there is no chrome or pretty paint, we opted for satin black and silver finishes for that industrial thump you in the throat look.


All new Mutt’s have few little subtle upgrades that you may not notice at first but take a closer look and you'll see some nifty little touches you won't see on other bikes.

First off, we have new LED indicators hewn from a solid block of aluminium by the process of CNC and mounted on a machined stainless steel arm. We’ve also now got machined aluminium headlight brackets too, that set up makes for a pretty tidy front end.

Moving back a bit we get to the handlebar clamps, we now have fully CNC'd clamps coated in a super durable hard anodised black finish.

As always with Mutt Motorcycles we use the skills we learned building one off custom motorcycles and machined aluminium is one of those cool processes that gives a motorcycle a true custom look. Machined fork caps and head stem nut, once again coated in a beautiful anodised finish, combined with the new speedometer surround this provides a beautifully finished view when glancing down at your speed.

One of our favourite new touches requires a bit more scrutiny, kneel down and take a look at the motor, we have a new CNC oil filter cap but look a little closer and you'll see some new machined valve covers on top of the engine reminiscent of 60's and 70's Brit bikes. That’s a little detail not everyone sees straight away but we like it.

Finally, we get to the chunky little posterior of a Mutt and you'll see four beautifully machine CNC nuts holding the rear shocks on.

We've also been busy with some sheet metal work, we've designed a brand new angular sump guard and matching rear master cylinder cover giving the bikes a lower slung more aggressive look, Bruce Wayne would be proud of them.

All in all this is a bike that really might suprise you against the obvious choices. What would we recommend? Take a test ride, you'll enjoy it.

Take a Test Ride on the Mutt Motorcycles Mongrel 125 here.


Mutt Motorcycles - Mongrel 125

Mutt Motorcycles - Mongrel 125

Mutt Motorcycles - Mongrel 125 Flat satin Black Tracker bars
Mini Speedo

Black diamond pattern grips
LED Custom tail light
Custom built stainless steel exhaust in Satin Black
LED indicators
Blacked out satin custom shocks
Combined disc brake system
Halogen headlight
EU4 compliantSealed Battery
O-Ring Chain
NGK Spark caps and HT leads

*specifications may vary as upgrades are introduced